"Vision is, to me, a complicated phenomenon composed of multiple layers, altered under varied states. I incorporate layering in my images to evoke the layers of my internal and external experiences. The artist's life, recorded through my journals and portraits, is essential to my work and includes much of what I incorporate to create my photographic constructions. I use these fragments, elements of collage, and found objects to create a miniature stage set, a movie still from a fictitious moment in time. By controlling lighting and perspective when I ultimately re-photograph my constructions, I can create a mood and direct the viewer's gaze.

"I have been exploring women's issues with a partly lyrical, partly satirical approach. I have investigated the many influences, both positive and negative, which act to shape women's beliefs, choices and appearance. My photographic constructions also reflect elements from my life and journals that are personal, and yet I hope that the viewer can also bring in some of his or her own experience."

Laura D'Alessandro is a fine art and wedding photographer, teacher, and gallery director. Laura is obsessed with all things photographic and can approach any photographic challenge with a fresh eye. Being inspired by images and the creative act, Laura brings a passion to teaching, feeling as though teacher and student can equally benefit by one another's association. Aspiring to live life lyrically, she believes that the artist's life is as important as the art created.

Born in Cleveland, Laura found poetry in the decay and details of her rustbelt city, often exploring abandoned factories and urban landscapes. Laura found subtle beauty in the layers, in the atmosphere. Although capable and interested in all forms of photography, Laura's unique voice emerges most strongly in her photographic constructions, where the layers of her past (her journals), her present (awareness of her point in time) and the future artist she is becoming, is most evident. Besides documenting her own life, Laura is excited to learn the stories of others and has been known to seek out experiences and immerse herself for a time in new geographical environments, to absorb alternate awareness, and portray the universal "Everywoman," a common theme in her work.

Laura successfully combines the professional qualities derived from her academic education, with the visionary eye of someone who freshly approaches photography each time as if it were the first.

BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
MFA, The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY